The Stroman Company

Quality Control/Fabric Development Manager
The Quality Control/Fabric Development Manager is responsible for the leadership and effectiveness of translating ideas into quality fabric products capable of mass production. This positions works closely with the President/CEO, Director of Manufacturing; outside vendors, including but not limited to: yarn distributors, knitting, dyeing and finishing vendors, to ensure the development of high performance/high technical fabrics for manufacturing efficiently within budgetary and time constraints.

VP of Product Management and Engineering
Requires working with all brand product Managers to create, develop and initiate new product releases. The products (concepts) and assignments are then developed, reviewed and revised with one of 12 inside or outside designers and placed with an appropriate manufacturing vendor.

General Manager - China Operations
Responsibilities include general administration & management of China Operations. Manage a staff of 40 people with 6-8 direct reports in 3 locations in China-Shanghai, Dongguan and Wuxi for a US based international corporation.

Corporate VP of Operations
Position manages corporate functions of Supply Chain to include forecasting, demand planning, procurement, quality assurance, inventory planning and management, distribution and China operations.

The Stroman Company
P.O. Box 701
Mauldin, SC 29662
Phone: (864) 297-4387

3.  Be sure your resume is in an easy to read format and includes all of your work history.

It's fine to go over one page and most employers/ search firms prefer a chronological resume and a functional paragraph can always be added at the top to sum up your career experience and objectives for the future. More important is to be concise and accurate with dates of past employment. Give a brief summary of your job duties without getting wordy. It's essential to spell correctly and use correct grammar! Use your spell checker, however, do not rely on it in all cases since word like "manger" and "manager" will both pass though unchecked. Have a friend review your resume.

NEVER leave out a past employment with a company no matter how brief a time it may have been; many a candidate have received offers or actually become employed only for the company to discover a discrepancy in their resume and application. The result is normally immediate termination and a blemish on your resume, character and reputation.

4.  Interviewing tips.

Be sure to have a list of your accomplishments handy in order to promote yourself as well as a complete list of references with email contact, phone contact, and your relationship with each individual contained in the list.

Dress professionally and/or ask your recruiter or company human resource person about the appropriate dress code for the person(s) you will be meeting. Remember that you can always "dress down" upon meeting an interviewer at their request but you can never "dress up" once you enter the interview.

Rehearse possible questions, especially issues that may be difficult for you to answer. Rehearse in front of a mirror or with a trusted friend for objective feedback. You may also wish to make a video recording of a mock interview to see how you project; it can be quite an "eye opener" to view your speech, body language and confidence (or NOT).


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