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Quality Control/Fabric Development Manager
The Quality Control/Fabric Development Manager is responsible for the leadership and effectiveness of translating ideas into quality fabric products capable of mass production. This positions works closely with the President/CEO, Director of Manufacturing; outside vendors, including but not limited to: yarn distributors, knitting, dyeing and finishing vendors, to ensure the development of high performance/high technical fabrics for manufacturing efficiently within budgetary and time constraints.

VP of Product Management and Engineering
Requires working with all brand product Managers to create, develop and initiate new product releases. The products (concepts) and assignments are then developed, reviewed and revised with one of 12 inside or outside designers and placed with an appropriate manufacturing vendor.

General Manager - China Operations
Responsibilities include general administration & management of China Operations. Manage a staff of 40 people with 6-8 direct reports in 3 locations in China-Shanghai, Dongguan and Wuxi for a US based international corporation.

Corporate VP of Operations
Position manages corporate functions of Supply Chain to include forecasting, demand planning, procurement, quality assurance, inventory planning and management, distribution and China operations.

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1.  Hone your people skills.

Your reputation and character are THE most important assets you will ever own in your career. Give a trusted friend a copy of your complete, chronological resume (with degree and certifications dates) and practice interviewing with him/ her over the phone or in person since the first 30 seconds of any interview will account for 90% of your job employment success. You can also join a local Toastmasters Club, trade, religious or social organizations to instill speaking confidence before new people and groups of people since many companies now require a conference call or in person interview with a conference room of their decision-making personnel.

2.  Know your worth before entering into salary negotiations.

There are many websites and trade information vehicles that will assist you in determining your market value on the internet. Above all, never answer the "used car question" on any interview as to what salary you desire from this job. Some companies will not negotiate on their position's salary, but that number is very small should they find the perfect candidate for their needs. If you ask for too high a salary, the interview is over. On the other hand, if you ask for too little, you may have given up the money your career path desired. ALWAYS ask the company to make an offer to you based upon your interview(s), talents displayed for their company needs and experience level. Always quote your last or current salary and offer documentation to confirm.

In the end, you will have 3 choices upon any offer; to accept as is, to counteroffer or to outright reject. NEVER outright reject since all is finished at this point and may be forever with this company in any position in the future.

The most cardinal sin in all of business and career enhancement is to accept a position with a new employer and return to your old/ current employer with the new contract in hand in order to leverage a better deal to stay with your old/ current company, Should you ever contemplate that course of action, please contact The Stroman Company, Inc., and I will cite you 10 good reasons not to do so and many horror stories of such actions.


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